The best technical skills in the industry

To consistently provide the best products, Dali invests extensively in its manufacturing capabilities. Our polishing capacities increased through the modernization of our facilities in Antwerp, and through the creation of a state-of-the-art factory in India. High-end calibration machines and the latest computer-aided techniques complement the fine craftsmanship of our polishers, rated the best in their field.

As a result, Dali provides a full range of fine cut diamonds which allows Dali to cater for the needs of their customers – amongst the leaders of the international jewellery industry.

Dali’s steady supply and consistent assortment of polished diamonds are the hallmark of Dali’s reputation. Not surprisingly, Dali is one of the international purveyors of the De Beers Groups’ Institute of Diamonds certificates, the world’s foremost natural diamond brand created by De Beers.