The highest standards in the business

Dali Diamond is committed to using all reasonable endeavours to conduct its business operations in accordance with the highest ethical standards and Best Practice Principles of the industry, as initiated and enforced by the De Beers Global Sightholder Sales (DBGSS).

As such, Dali Diamond will use its best endeavours to ensure the commitment of its contractors, sub-contractors and associated entities to comply with the company’s policies throughout the supply chain. As Sightholders we are committed to the standards of this organisation and as such are subject to regular third party (SGS) audits to guarantee our compliance.

Dali Diamond is committed to combat conflict Diamonds, and accordingly has committed itself to comply with the rules and regulations of the Kimberley Process and all the requirements of the World Diamond Council. Not only do we guarantee the ethical provenance of our stones throughout the supply chain, we also disclose all material facts and information about our diamonds, at all times whether or not specifically requested and regardless of the impact on the value of the diamond.

In the spirit of its social responsibility, Dali Diamond supports a wide range of charitable organisations such as the David & Rachel Fund.

Read our full statement regarding Responsible Sourcing here.